The Best Way to Hug.

couple hugging



Over twenty years ago, a friend of mine taught me the best way to hug.

She was picking me up to take me to a sweat lodge (an experience I promise to share with you in a different post).

When she showed up at my door, I gave her a hug.

“Oh no no, I need another hug.”

“Oh… okay…”

“But a proper hug”, she said outstretching her arms.

I thought maybe she meant a longer one, or a tighter one that includes a good squeeze, or one of those hugs that makes you utter a squishy sound like,  “uwhhh uwh  uwh wuhhhh”.

But she just looked at me simply and said, “I learned this from a Shaman. Tilt a little to your right.”

So, I did.

Then she did the same.

This meant my left arm was up – the opposite of what I usually do since I’m right handed.

She said, “You should hug ‘heart to heart'”.

So I pushed my heart against hers, and she was right.

It felt nice.

Like a “real” hug.

I’ve never forgotten it.

Plus, it puts an end to the whole “which way do I lean” question when two people are coming in on each other.

I just always lean a little to the right.

I’ve also learned it helps to exhale when you do it. That allows you to sink into it.

It’s so simple, yet I never realized before then what a hug really was – a meeting of the hearts.

Try it.

Try it often.

Heart to heart.






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