Shatterproof – My Own Vagina Monologue


You say ‘pussy’ or ‘cunt’

somehow feminine equals negative

Yet, you dare not use it’s real name…

‘She Who Must Not Be Named’

You do not stand, point, and say “You VAGINA!”

The weight of that word is too much…

holds too much…

gives too much…

It’s glory holds your tongue

The secret strength of the universe

in the softest spot of a woman


The vagina is warmth

The vagina is muscle –

it stretches, it contracts, it tears and heals

no band aid needed

The vagina is durable… deceptively strong

Strength in softness

It doesn’t grow hard

It doesn’t grow hard…

therefore it cannot snap.


Life will try…

the vagina doesn’t break


Love it

Celebrate it

Pound it if I say you can

Takes a licking…


You have one

came from one

or want to play with one

It demands respect…


So for the love of all things living

when you use the last of the toilet paper

put a new roll on

Because something so divine

should never ever









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