Summer Lovin’ – Because I didn’t want Google to Disappoint.

lake sunset




She looked over at him and giggled slightly.

His face crunched as he dipped his toes in the cool lake water.

Their families had been coming here every summer since they were both ten.  Though they lived in separate towns, they had summered together for half a decade.  She had to admit- he was less awkward, and not nearly as gross as he was a couple years ago. Fifteen looked good on him.

She looked up from her towel and saw both sets of parents lounging at the top of the hill, and talking loudly.  He was coming back to his towel now, laughing and shivering without making it even halfway into the water.

She rolled her eyes.

“Chicken shit.”

He opened his eyes big.  He had never heard her curse before, and she felt a surge of pride over the fact that she had let him know she could be a little dangerous.

That pride turned to squeals however, as he hoisted her up over his shoulder and ran with her to the water’s edge.

“Don’t even think about it!  I will make you wish you were never born…”


The water was cold.  Her toes and hands immediately went numb, but her face felt flush.

Gasping, she rubbed the iciness out of her eyes, and looked up the hill to see both mothers peering over their margaritas to make sure nobody had perished.

She waved an arm to signal she was fine, grabbed his hand, and used all her might to pull him head first into the lake.

He grabbed at her legs, but like a slippery fish she was free and climbed out of the water.

“Oh no you don’t!” he yelled as she screamed and ran along the lake edge.

She glanced over her shoulder and saw him racing right behind her…


Her face was a centimeter from a boulder, she was on the ground, and her knee was bleeding.  She sighed in relief over the fact that she didn’t smash her face.  She also blushed realizing she probably tripped over her own foot.  The she winced as the true pain from her knee started to set in.

Her eyes were a little blurry as she saw him running full speed toward her.

He was calling, “Are you okay?… You okay?”

Before she could assess if she was really okay or not, everything seemed to slow down.

In slow motion, she watched him stub his toe, yelp like a puppy, fall forward, catch himself, and skid on the gravel while doing a handstand on his left hand.  Twelve inches away from her, he came to a stop.

His hand looked like raw meat.

“You okay?”, he asked, breathless.

*nodding* “You?”

He nodded. “You?”

*nodding again* “You?”

He nodded.

He studied her knee.  Then, drawing her leg closer, ever so gently, he blew on it.

His breath smelled like Cheetos.

She looked at him, and felt paralyzed.

With their families just up on the hill.  Neither of them knew quite what to do.

Then… with a deep inhale… he pressed his bloody palm onto her gashed knee.

Gentle at first…

then with a little more pressure.

She felt a sting…

and then a throbbing.

She placed her hand on top of his… urging him to press a little harder.

She watched as his blood trickled down the side of her leg and mingled with hers.

She looked up into his eyes, and knew instantly…

that she loved him.



PS-  This fictional post is dedicated to the lone weirdo who, according to my analytics, googled the phrase “boo boo sex” and ended up on my blog.




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Comments (19)

  • Alison@Mama Wants This 10 years ago Reply

    Oh my, that was freaking brilliant!!! Boo boo sex, Hahahahahaha! Yes, I think that weirdo will not be disappointed.

    Jenni Chiu 10 years ago Reply

    One can only hope. A great deal of my validation depends on pleasing weirdos.

  • CJ Lowder 10 years ago Reply

    bahahahaha Jenni that the funniest thing I’ve read in ages! I’m sure whoever googled boo boo sex will get a kick out of it!

  • Lee @ RevsinAbs 10 years ago Reply

    Worth the wait. And so much cleaner than I expected the post on “boo boo sex” to be 😉

    Jenni Chiu 10 years ago Reply

    Me too…
    I’m surprised by my innocence.

  • Crazyladyx5 10 years ago Reply

    Roflol… awesome!

  • OMG…that is the most awesome literary leap I have ever witnessed! LOL

  • Alex@LateEnough 10 years ago Reply

    You’re so sweet to think of that boo-love-loner-dude.

  • Dre 10 years ago Reply

    BWAHAHA! Hysterical!

  • Danielle Mari 10 years ago Reply

    Had no idea where you were going, love where you went.

    Hm. I wonder 2 things. 1) Will the person ever come back and see this post and if so how will s/he feel? and 2) Perhaps it may have been Boo! Boo! Sex! which could be interpreted in any number of ways… like “boooooo” the opposite of yey or “Boo!” like surprise! Just sayin’.

    May I also add that I am elated you look into searches that take people to your page, too? So far my favorite search term leading to my page was “herdmentality misogyny macbeth audition”– I have no idea what it means, but I am so glad they got to my page with that. And I’m the #1 result with that search parameter. Awesome.

    Jenni Chiu 10 years ago Reply

    Ah yes… punctuation can change everything. Now I am inclined to write about sex with a ghost, or bad sex that gets a thumbs down…
    Oh- or both! I’m sure sex with a ghost isn’t that great.

  • Lady Estrogen 10 years ago Reply

    I seriously don’t know what I liked more, the post or your dedication – it’s all gold, hun! Loved it. x

  • Kristy 10 years ago Reply

    Love it! That is great. What inspiration. I guess you gotta take inspiration where you can find it. Boo boo sex. Ha, ha!

  • Alexandria 10 years ago Reply


  • Lucy 10 years ago Reply

    Wow, to think you were inspired by a google search of ‘Boo boo sex’ now that is great!
    AND I have a feeling this is not what the person would ever expect! Love it!!!

  • Jolee 10 years ago Reply

    Oh my fucking Gawd.
    How the hell can you be so creative all the time? Please bottle it. You’ll make millions.
    This is now my favorite post… besides the other one that was my favorite… and the five thousand before that…

  • traceybecker 7 years ago Reply

    HA! Loved the reason for the post.

  • Amanda 7 years ago Reply

    Ok, so do we get to submit weird queries from our site and have you write posts to satisfy them like some super college paper writer deal?

    Love !

    Jenni Chiu 7 years ago Reply

    Absolutely… for a substantial fee that includes cash, wine, and chocolate.

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