Reckless Baby.




Ma ma! Ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma!

She’s gotta be coming by now.  I’m sure if I could count, that would’ve been the five millionth time I’ve yelled in an extremely loud  monotone fashion for someone to come and get me out of this crib.  I’m awake.  I’m awake.

Bah BAH!


Oh look here she is – Yay!   You’re my favorite.  You smell AWESOME.  You smell like milk!  Let’s have milk.  Let’s have milk.  Hey, let’s have milk.

Oh I see, we gotta do the whole changing table thing first.  That’s cool – I can practice my backwards somersaults – look!  Aw, mom.  Why you gotta catch me every time like that?  How about we try again? Whee – hey, you caught me again.  Whoopie – every time mom, every time.  That gaspy screamy sound you make is totally hilarious too.  I love it.  You always know how to make me laugh.

Hee hehe he he he hee.

Why are you out of breath mom?  It was just a diaper change.  It’s how we get our calisthenics in.  What are you doing?  Is that the playpen?  No no!  No, don’t put me in that thing.  I’m eleven months old – I’m too young for jail – Nooooooo!

Where are you going?  Don’t leave me in here.  Are you going to pee?  There’s no peeing.  There’s NO PEEING!  You know I’m just gonna cry until you come back here.  COME BACK HERE.

Waaaaaaaaaaaah… wahaaaahaaa haaa haaaaa… mmmwhaaaaaaa…

Oh hey mom, what’s up?  Your back.  That was fast.  Let’s have milk.  Let’s have milk.  Hey let’s have milk.

Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah.  I love milk.

Mmmmm… mmmm… mum mum…

This is the best.  I know you love it when we’re nursing, and I push my foot right on your chin… just like that.  That face you make is so cute, mommy.  What was that noise?  I think I heard the dog sneeze.  Maybe I should just stop nursing right now and throw my body over to the right and off the couch to see the dog.  Oh, alright.  I’ll be still.  Just for this moment.  Just for the milk.

Mmmmm… mum mum…

I’ll need the energy anyway for running and falling… and pretending gravity doesn’t exist… and stumbling over all those awesome toys we have to get to the sharp stuff.  I just know today’s the day I’ll finally get to that wire you keep pulling away from me before I can chew it.

There are shoes to lick, backflips to do out of your arms, glass to pound on, curtains to pull down, trash to knock over, electricity to play with, and walls to try and climb.

Today’s gonna be the best day.

Where do we keep the knives?

Let’s be reckless.



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