Trying to be Green Enough


I care about my health. I care about the health of my family. I care about the health of our planet.

I care about it, but I’m not always certain about what to do about it.

I’m conscientious enough to recycle plastics and cardboard. I know whole foods are by far better than processed foods (I’ve done a “whole 30” and reaped the benefits). I buy non-GMO food when I can. I keep my family from as much added sugar as possible… and that is about as “green” as I have been able to be up until this point.

I know there is a whole list of chemicals that have been banned in other countries, but still end up on our plates and in our beauty products, but I don’t know what they are. I want to detox my kitchen and pantry, but I don’t know where to start. It can all be very overwhelming!

That is why I am very excited that my friend Leah Segedie is coming out with a book that is going to help people just like me!



Leah’s been a wellness and food activist since before it was cool. She’s done all the legwork so that you and I can start putting actionable steps in place to make our homes a healthier place.

Her book Green Enough comes out March 20th, but you can get ahead of the game and pre-order here at a 30% discount!



* This post is NOT sponsored. I simply love Leah, and the difference she is making in the world.



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