How Much Do 3rd Graders Know About Alcohol?

This post is in partnership with I am an ambassador for their #TalkEarly campaign.

My son is now eight years old – soon to be nine. It seems like every day he comes home with a new phrase or song lyric he has learned that seems just a little too “grown up” to me. Sometimes it’s a sexy song he heard while playing Dance Revolution, or sometimes it’s a reference to “being high” that he heard from a gamer on YouTube.

I realize as he gets older, the internet and social media will start to become a bigger part of his life. So how do I make sure that as a parent I play the biggest role in shaping what he knows about certain topics?

When I was in Washington DC last year at the #TalkEarly summit, pediatrician Dr. Deborah Gilboa talked about “pre-testing” our kids as a way to find what they already may know from other sources, and use that a launching point for open discussion.

That is the idea that sparked the video below.

How much do my kids know…

and is it what I want them to know?

“Pre-testing” can be very low pressure and if your child is nearing the tween years it may be a good idea to give it a try.

You might be surprised…

or even relieved at the outcome.


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